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Sep 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
killed in an attack in libya in because he. tomorrow here on l, talk, remems there was a ticket on the milk carden that to get you to be game for free. >>> californian voters have the chance to abolish the death penalty in november. the debate over prop. 34. and you are a last look at the weather forecast today >>> things are going to he the. today we will be in the extended. he'd advisory beginning in the bay area beginning tomorrow nineties in the bay. it is rare so enjoy it prayed >>> de the will be breaking any new records? >>> no. at the will come close. >>> a guy in washington state popping the question to his girlfriend after one month of davy. dating. the proposal by a flash rom. he was joined by his church groups. she said yes. >>> tempo,,,,,,,,
Sep 16, 2012 8:30am PDT
with a deadly conflict attack on libya. >>> the security tactics about to be deployed tonight for the forty-niners home game opener >>> a hockey players are locked out as to a contract dispute. it is a 30 on sunday. thank you for joining us >>> the next hour or we have a lot of news. the new smart phone and how smart is it? we talking >>> two competing tax measures on the ballot in november. it's confusing a lot people will go in fat and that's the one we heard less about. it's over prop. 33 we have some the big supporters the president of the california pta will talk about that >>> was also the expert from uc- berkeley to talk about the situation in the middle east. and on the local front, we're expecting some very big crowds and more police action at the first home game for the sentences of 49-night >>> we're beefing up security at tonight's game against detroit lions. the officers were dressed in forty-niners and dietrich colors will be at the game and not allow them to infiltrate the crowd and stay on top of any criminal activities that may be going on. the officers will be on the looko
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2